Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Call for a Project Assistant 

The application form can be find here

General information

Duration: 3 months

Commitment: Full-time

Description: The intern will be forming part of the OBESSU Secretariat team, being fully immersed in our daily work. The tasks related to project cycle management (through all stages – conception, proposal preparation, implementation and evaluation) will constitute about 70% of the work time. These will include:

- Project conceptualisation and design:

  • Cooperation in project application writing
  • Project implementation
  • Support in preparatory phase (logistics, managing calls for teams and participants)
  • Active support during events (trainings, seminars etc.)
  • Budget administration (includes administrative work on cost registration and reimbursement)
  • If possible – educational tasks (design and implementation of educational activities)

- Project reporting:

  • Gathering an analysing evaluation inputs
  • Support in preparing formal report for the donors
  • Communication with project stakeholders

The other 30% will be defined jointly with the intern, so that area of their interest can be covered. This may include working on external communication, office administration, research tasks and others, however, we are strongly interested in an intern with will to work on our advocacy and policy.


  • Transportation costs
  • Reimbursement costs
  • Lunch vouchers

Additional Information

Candidates have to be eligible for ERASMUS+ scholarship/grant; they have to apply for at their University. OBESSU does not accept interns without scholarship. The financial support provided by OBESSU consists of lunch vouchers and transportation costs (approximately 170€/month). Please check the grant level with your university and assess the financial feasibility of the internship during the application process. The internship will offer opportunity to be co-designed by the intern – for the moment, about 70% of tasks is defined – remaining ones can be agreed together with the intern, depending on her/his learning needs and possible offer at OBESSU. The internship might require several travels within Europe, to assist in implementation of OBESSU activities. The costs will always be covered by OBESSU. The date of start can be flexible, adapting to the Intern.


Languages: English: Independent User B2


  • Fast learner
  • Capacity to work in a team
  • Capacity to produce texts (i.e. reports) in given formats
  • Basic understanding of project life cycle
  • Use of MS Office basic tools (MS Word, MS Excel)
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