Union Nationale Lycéenne (UNL)
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Union Nationale Lycéenne – UNL is the biggest and most representative French school student union. It was founded in 1994 during a massive strike organised against a liberal and antisocial government reform.  At first, it was supposed to create links between student councils but it quickly spread all over France and now represents the interests of all students.

Since its creation, UNL became the main student stakeholder and representative body when it comes to discussions with the government. Our past fights lead to social victories such as “free school books”, “social and political awareness at school”, “bigger voice for the student elected bodies”… UNL believes in independence (our union is ruled by student, and acts for students) as well as free and equal education for all. UNL fights to improve students’ autonomy and uphold the French public education system.

UNL is both present in the decision making processes and, at the same time, it walks side to side with the students through demonstrations and other actions.

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