Documents in OBESSU Internal Documents
OBESSU Code of Conduct
OBESSU recognises that it operates in a context where there are multiple potential vulnerabilities present, especially when it comes to the age of its Members and the diversity of their background. Therefore it is highly important that we lay the foundation of protecting ourselves and each other, and know what we stand for and how to avoid and manage uncomfortable situations.
OBESSU Implementation Plan 2021
With this document we highlight the activities and topics OBESSU will work on and summarise which objectives will be achieved.
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Political Platform
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OBESSU Board Internal Regulation
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Privacy Policy
We care about your privacy and treat your personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection regulations. The privacy policy is intended to inform you, in a transparent manner, about the data we collect, the purpose for collecting it, the way we use it, how long we store it and the rights you have regarding the processing of such data.
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Internal Regulations for the General Assembly
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Internal Regulation on Reimbursements of Travel costs
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