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EPiC Microgrants - 3rd Round
Do you want to put in practice your campaigning skills? This is your opportunity! EPiC Microgrants can cover up to 1.500 euros expenses and the deadline to apply is on the 7th of April. We will have a Hot Chocolate to share ideas and clarify doubts on the 2nd of April at 17:30 CET. Attached you can find the application call with all the relevant information and with the Zoom link for the Hot Chocolate.
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Joint Declaration of the 22nd edition of the University on Youth and Development 23 September 2023, Mollina, Spain
Since 2000, the University on Youth and Development (UYD) has represented an international hub for meetings, youth advocacy and exchange of good practices. It gathers, for one week, hundreds of young people, youth workers, decision makers, experts from the field and institutional representatives, providing them all with a space to meet, debate, build their capacities and cooperate on youth policy issues. The UYD is designed as a space for experiencing intercultural dialogue while debating the most pressing issues of the global youth movement. Youth organisations and youth-related institutions, gathering participants from across Europe, Africa and Asia have applied to join the UYD and organised 9 activities within the framework of the event.1
Open Call WG
OBESSU has opened the call for members of the Working Group on the OBESSU Annual Financial Contribution (AFC) and Statutes Revision. The Working Group will work alongside the OBESSU Board to revise the OBESSU Annual Financial Contribution and the OBESSU Statutes. The Working Group will consist of representatives from OBESSU Member Organisations, Candidate Members, and Affiliate Members.
European Apprentices Network Meeting - Call for participants
The call for participants of the EAN meeting is open. 25th and 26th June 2023 - Brussels.
Call for participants Training for International Officers 2023
The Training for International Officers is the first event of our new project EPiC.
17th of November 2022 - Students Unite for Change
Today, 17th of November, is a day to remember and celebrate student organising. This year OBESSU wants to look back and thank students for their work, nonconformism and sacrifices for their rights but also the rights of each individual in their societies. This date reminds us of activism, commitment and solidarity, but also of injustice, oppression and blood.
Rareș Voicu's motivation to run for the Board of the YFJ
Read the motivation of Rareș (current Board Member of OBESSU) to run for the Board of the European Youth Forum.
GenD Policy Recommendations
The Generation d-Liberation project is an initiative in the framework of the European Parliament DG COMM work for the Conference on the Future of Europe. It run since April 2021 until June 2022 and its main aim is to give tools to young people, and particularly school students - both in general and VET education - to be able to discuss the future of Europe and the role they want to play in it, with specific regards to the fields of: addressing climate change, the right to quality education, jobs for young people, mental health and minority rights and inclusion. This was done both through facilitated deliberations in different European countries (Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Ireland) as well as by any young person who receives the methodology that the project will develop. All ideas were collected online and served as a basis for recommendations to members of the European Parliament who will represent the student perspective on the Conference on the Future of Europe. Partners all have a great deal of experience, either working as a student representation body or in the domain of democracy, participation and deliberation.
SIRIUS Watch 2021
SIRIUS Watch 2021 presents trends and developments on the effects of digitalisation in education on migrant children both pre COVID-19 and during COVID-19. It will build on national and EU-level research, as well as the results of the SIRIUS Online Digital Workshop.
Recovery and Resilience Facility
Briefing on the actions that MOs and student union can take to participate in the NRRP.
CSOs and NRRPs - A reality Check
An analysis on the involvement of Civil Society Organisations in consultation processes on the National Recovery and Resilience Plans ( NRRPs), and in their monitoring and implementation. A study by the Civil Society Organisations.
Our call for a global campaign for funding educationin the 2021 International Students’ Day
Lifelong Learning Platform Statement - Conference On the Future of Europe
The education and training stakeholders' role in the Future of Europe - Reaching out to citizens deserves serious commitment
Open Call - Pool of Trainers 2022
OBESSU's Pool of Trainers is looking for new volunteers. Check out the open call and become a member of the POT.
#Ecofighters - Policy Recommendations
With the #EcoFighters – School students for the environment project, OBESSU set to promote a culture of environmental awareness and activism in the context of school student and apprentices organisations, through democratic participation of young people in various ways, platforms and levels.
Peer Learning Activity SIRIUS 2020-2021 Report
The proposed action SIRIUS 2.0 – Policy Network on Migrant Education (EAC/S28/2016) aims to promote cooperation between different stakeholders, supports inclusive policy development and implementation at different governance levels and facilitate the integration of children and young people with migration background in school education.
Taskforce on Decolonising Education
We are opening a call for members of the taskforce on Decolonising education. Even though this taskforce was not initially in the implementation plan, due to the incertitude around the Study Session 2021 on decolonising school curricula (Pluriverse: Peaceful societies with an oppression-free education), we are opening the call for taskforce members that will support OBESSU in discussing and raising awareness on the topic.
Annual Report 2019
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OBESSU annual report 2018 - Interactive Infographic
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Terms of Reference - Call for External Evaluator - Inclusive Schools Project
In the framework of the "Inclusive Schools" project we are looking for an external evaluator to make sure that we run a quality project and who will allow us to monitor and assess the impact of the activities. 
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School Student's Political Guide to the European Parliament Elections
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Mind Our Education: Global Call For Action 17th of November
The pressure to succeed academically and have your entire self-worth denoted by grades and numbers; the pressure to outperform your peers and be the very best, juggling the rest of your life to fit into this race; the pressure and expectation that family and personal issues should not be facilitated and understood by the formal education system. This is the situation where students find themselves in education systems all over the world. In this highly stressful environment, and with the world changing everyday, the pressure that students face often threatens their mental health, which concretely impacts on their potential to fully exercise their right to education. Towards the International Students’ Day OBESSU and ESU call on students from all over the world to unite in calling to guarantee a healthy environment for all students!
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History of the International Students' Day
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International Students' Day - Logo
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Coloured Glasses - Manual for Intercultural & Global Citizenship Education
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Global Call for Action - International Students' Day 2016
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OBESSU Annual Report 2016 - Interactive infographic
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Press Release - Buildings Action Coalition
The Enniscorthy Forum Press Release on BAC
Press Release - OBESSU Loi to join the Buildings Action Coalition (BAC)
Press Release - The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) has signed a letter of intent to join the Buildings Action Coalition (BAC) in partnership with the Enniscorthy Forum, other coalition members, and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to support and advance the principles of high performance in buildings and the built environment.  Anna Weinrich and Andrew Victory, Board Members of OBESSU, and Barbara-Anne Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Enniscorthy Forum, signed the letter of intent in a signing ceremony organized at the Enniscorthy Castle on the occasion of the second summit of the Enniscorthy Forum.
Pool of Trainers - Seeds for Integration support
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Guidelines for Inclusion Education - Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression
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