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OBESSU annual report 2018 - Interactive Infographic
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School Student's Political Guide to the European Parliament Elections
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Terms of Reference - Call for External Evaluator - Inclusive Schools Project
In the framework of the "Inclusive Schools" project we are looking for an external evaluator to make sure that we run a quality project and who will allow us to monitor and assess the impact of the activities. 
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Call for applicants: Initiatives tackling the participation of young migrant and refugee students to the European Parliament Elections
The political reality that we currently face in Europe requires a wide mobilization, responsibility and commitment to democratic participation, to fight radicalization and create inclusive societies, based on equality, solidarity and Human Rights. In this framework democratic participation is key at levels of decision-making and in all its forms (e.g. decision making in institutions, NGOs etc) Through the Seeds for Integration programme we wish to foster participation in local and educational communities.
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Call for Working Group members - Sex and Gender WG
OBESSU has opened the call for applications for Members of the Working Group on Inclusive Sex & Gender Education. The Working Group is responsible for shaping and supporting the implementation of OBESSU’s work on Inclusive Sex & Gender Education in 2019 (in cooperation with the OBESSU Board).
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Call for Working Group members - Quality of Teaching WG
OBESSU has opened the call for members of the Working Group on Quality of Teaching. The Working Group will work alongside the OBESSU Board to explore the focus topic of “Quality of Teachers” for 2019. The Working Group will also consist of members from the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) and the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE).
Tags: teachers, teaching, quality education, working group, policy
Call for participants for the Study Session SexEd IQ - Inclusive and quality sex education “What can school students do?”
The aim of this Study Session is to explore how school student unions can contribute to having inclusive and quality sex education in their schools, both as part of the curricula and as in non-formal and informal learning. OBESSU is looking for 1 or 2 participants from each Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisation.
Tags: #SexEducation #Gender #StudySession #Inclusion
Call for participants for the #PeerPower - Staff Seminar on Peer Education
BESSU is looking for staff members from Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations who have proven experience with fostering peer educational activities and processes of school students in their respective organisation and/or with school students in general. Participants will also be asked to showcase a good practice from their organisation when it comes to peer education.
Tags: #PeerEducation #Staff #Seminar
Call for Participants - School Students Expert Group on Peer Education
The Expert Group will bring together school student activists to reflect on and discuss their practices in peer education and will have some shared sessions with the Seminar to learn from each other. It will also aim to create a set of recommendations that can serve both as a base for OBESSU for its internal policies on peer education, as well as for the annex document to the Toolkit for Quality Peer Education of the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) that is the final foreseen output of the Work Plan.
Tags: #PeerEducation #ExpertGroup
Call for members of the OBESSU Pool of Trainers 2019
The OBESSU Pool of Trainers is a group of experienced trainers, educators and facilitators with insight in the world of OBESSU and school student activism. For each OBESSU event, members of the Pool of Trainers play a key role in developing the activity programme in the preparatory phase, in implementing it during the event, and in evaluating it afterwards. Members of the OBESSU Pool of Trainers will also have the chance to be involved as an external expert in events organised by OBESSU Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations.
Tags: #PoT
Mind Our Education: Global Call For Action 17th of November
The pressure to succeed academically and have your entire self-worth denoted by grades and numbers; the pressure to outperform your peers and be the very best, juggling the rest of your life to fit into this race; the pressure and expectation that family and personal issues should not be facilitated and understood by the formal education system. This is the situation where students find themselves in education systems all over the world. In this highly stressful environment, and with the world changing everyday, the pressure that students face often threatens their mental health, which concretely impacts on their potential to fully exercise their right to education. Towards the International Students’ Day OBESSU and ESU call on students from all over the world to unite in calling to guarantee a healthy environment for all students!
Tags: #Mental Health, #17Nov, #InternationalStudentsDay
Call for Members: Working Group on Mental Health
OBESSU has opened the call for applications for Members of the Working Group on Mental Health. The working group is responsible for shaping and supporting the implementation of OBESSU’s work on Mental Health in 2018 (in cooperation with the OBESSU Board).
Tags: #WorkingGroup #MentalHealth
Call for participants - University on Youth and Development 2018
The UYD is an activity organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in partnership with the Spanish Government (INJUVE), the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) and other international youth organisations and youth serving organisations. The University is providing an intercultural learning environment to the approximately 200 participants - coming from each corner of the world - with activities organised around the theme of “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies”. OBESSU will participate in the 19th edition of the UYD taking place in Mollina, Spain between the 9th and 15th of September 2018. In addition to the joint sessions of the UYD, OBESSU will bring a five-day-long policy seminar to Mollina with the idea of inviting member and partner organizations that are active in the field of educational inclusion of refugee and migrant students. Together, based on their knowledge and experience, they will develop a policy paper and advocacy strategy on refugee and migrant education.
Tags: #UYD #Mollina
Call for participants - Summer School: "Let's open the doors to Inclusion"
We are happy to announce that the call for participants for the OBESSU Summer School: "Let's open the doors to Inclusion" is officially open! The Summer School will take place in Slovakia from the 30th of July (arrival day) to the 5th of August (departure day). For more information, please read the open call.
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History of the International Students' Day
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International Students' Day - Logo
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Global Call for Action - International Students' Day 2016
Tags: #GlobalCall #Action #International #Students #Day
Coloured Glasses - Manual for Intercultural & Global Citizenship Education
Tags: #ColouredGlasses #Manual #Intercultural #Global #Citizenship #Education
Seeds for Integration - Third round application form
Tags: #seedsIntegration #applicationform
Call for initiatives - Seeds for Integration
Tags: #Call #initiatives #SeedsforIntegration
OBESSU Annual Report 2016 - Interactive infographic
Tags: #AnnualReport #2016 #Interactive #infographic
Call for trainers - Summer School Learning for Life
Tags: #Call #trainers #SummerSchool
Call for participants to the Summer School "Learning for Life"
Tags: #Call #participants #SummerSchool #LearningforLife
Guidelines for Inclusion Education - Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression
Tags: #Guidelines #Inclusion #Education #SexualOrientation #Gender #Identity
Pool of Trainers - Seeds for Integration support
Tags: #PoolofTrainers #SeedsforIntegration #support
Call for Pool of Trainers 2018-2019
A call for members of OBESSU Pool of Trainers for mandate 2018-2019.
Tags: PoT, NFE, training
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