Students’ Participation - Start the Change Project - Synthesis Report
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The Forum for Freedom in Education (Croatia) together with the partner organizations: INOVA+ (Portugal), MCEC (North Macedonia), Network of Education Policy Centers NEPC, SIRIUS (Belgium), the Ivan Meštrović Primary School (Croatia) and Agrupamento de Escolas Josë Estëvâo (Portugal) and the Nikola Karev State Municipal School (North Macedonia) are implementing the project Start the Change within the Erasmus+ program (K3, Social Inclusion). The aim of the project is to strengthen the resilience of youth by supporting them to be healthy, self-confident, fulfilled, broadminded individuals who create and foster healthy relationships, develop their abilities and be actively engaged in their community regardless of their backgrounds and the possible challenges they face. Providing opportunities for young people to express their own world perspective and experience being heard and seen by their teachers as well as supported in initiating creative and innovative projects through which they can express their own talents, values and potential for growth strengthens their resilience and reduces the risks of manipulation, extreme attitudes, relationships and attitudes that are harmful.


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