The 14th plenary session of the Steering Committee on Education Policy and Practice of the Council of Europe (CDPPE) was held online between 30th of September and 2nd of October. Our Board member, Adrian Barbaroș, participated as an observer to the plenary session. The meeting had the aim to gather representatives of ministries of education from Council of Europe member states, of the academic community and of civil society organisations to discuss and put the topic of education in an international perspective.  

As part of the agenda, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on education laid down the political declaration which will be endorsed at the Informal meeting of Ministers of Education on the 29th of October. The declaration outlines the need for a quality education, no matter the circumstances, thus proper investment in education and a coherent approach to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Council of Europe will pay specific attention to this matter and with its existing materials aims at enhancing the cooperation between member states and helps schools, teachers and students to prepare for the ‘’new normal’.