OBESSU attended the 20th edition of the University on Youth and Development (UYD), organised by the North South Center of the Council of Europe, in Mollina, Spain.  From the 15th to the 22nd of September 2019, OBESSU held an Evaluation Seminar of Seeds for Integration in order to evaluate the 2018-2019 project cycle of the programme and to identify challenges and good practices that can be shared with our Member Organisations.

More than 200 people attended the UYD and 13 of those attended our event! Our seminar brought together School Student activists representing high school student unions. Our member and partner organisations present in the activities were OSSU (Poland), SUS (Slovakia), SIF (Iceland), ISSU (Ireland),SVB (Germany), CNE (Romania), DOS (Slovenia), Second Chance School of Volos (Greece) and from the Timis County Youth Foundation (Romania). Together they evaluated the 2018-2019 project cycle of Seeds for Integration.

The seminar, enriched by different perspectives and in the context of the CEULAJ (Euro-Latin American Youth Center), aimed to identify challenges, good practices and possible follow-up actions that could be shared with our Member Organisations and potentially upscaled to national or to a European level. The seminar also explored the link between the needs of migrant students and Education and Justice, to reach a clearer position on the topic to work from in the future.

Our activity was not the only one happening at the UYD, in fact, AEGEE Europe, IUSY, European Youth Forum, Assembly of European Regions and Spanish Council of Youth were running parallel activities. OBESSU got a glimpse of the other activities during joint sessions, where participants from all the activities came together and took part in different actions related to the main topic of the UYD. 

We want to thank the participants that contributed to our Evaluation Seminar with a great active involvement, and special thanks go out to our prep-team members Giuseppe, Milos, Alejandra and Felipe for all their hard work and dedication throughout this whole process, as well as the North-South Center of the Council of Europe for all the logistical support.