Would you like to convince others of the benefits of a peer-to-peer exchange and implement it in your establishment? The Memento is the tool you'll need to do that.

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The Erasmus in Schools (EiS) project aims to improve young people's access to information on mobility schemes through peer-to-peer exchanges. Following the completion of a Research report and a Mobility Passport, the project partners have now focused on developing an advocacy tool to support you in you in your endeavours

What is a peer-to-peer intervention? Peer-to-peer exchange means that a young person raises awareness on mobility opportunities by sharing directly to his peers his mobility experience.

We know that organizing these mobility awareness sessions can be difficult, even for VET or higher education professionals. As part of this project, the Memento aims to promote the testimonials of mobility ambassadors within schools and training organizations.

The aim is also to demonstrate the added value of these actions in motivating high-school pupils, students, and apprentices to take part in international mobility schemes. Finally, this advocacy tool directs you to organizations capable of mobilizing trained learners to intervene in your structures. 

This inclusive tool, designed to promote peer-to-peer exchanges for school students and work-study students, is also published in English and Spanish. It will be presented as part of the "15 years of Erasmus Student Network France" event, which will be held on December 14, 2023.

Next step: As part of this project, ESN Spain is coordinating the production of an Erasmus in Schools Guide. A training tool for young people wishing to set up a mobility awareness campaign.