Even though the European Youth Event (EYE) organised by the European Parliament will take place on 1-2 June 2018, more than 35 youth organisations from all over Europe already met at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg to start shaping the programme of the 10th edition of the Yo!Fest, the youth festival organised by the European Youth Forum (YFJ) to support and enrich the programme of the EYE. The European school students were represented of course by OBESSU!

As probably the biggest and the most diverse youth event in Europe, the Yo!Fest together with the EYE will bring around 8000 young people to debate key topics on the future of Europe. Young people and youth organisations will have the opportunity to interact in a two-day festival and raise up their voices and take a stand on topics that concern their lives. 

Through a collage of interactive educational workshops, high-level political debates, flash mobs, artistic performances, live music and innovative methods, young people will engage with their peers, policy-makers and key stakeholders on areas that are considered fundamental to (re)shape the future of Europe.

The Yo!Fest will be structured in five thematic hubs and each hub will be co-run by a group of partner organisations, with the objective of creating a meaningful space for discussions. The five hubs are:  

  1. Keeping up with the digital revolution
  2. Calling for a fair share
  3. Working out for a stronger Europe
  4. Staying alive in turbulent times
  5. Protecting our planet

During the two-day Partners' Meeting OBESSU, as one of the Yo!Fest partner organisations, has started working on the concept and objectives of the “Keeping up with the digital revolution” hub. We will continue working together with our co-hubbers to shape the specific programme and activities of our hub, in order to create a very significant and relevant learning space for all young people participating at the Yo!Fest 2018.   

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If you are interested about the EYE 2018, you can find more here.