On the weekend of 18-20 May, the Board of OBESSU came together in Gent, Belgium, to look ahead, as OBESSU is facing many changes those upcoming weeks. 

On Friday Board Members met with all the Secretariat - as you know, we had a handful of new colleagues joining in April, so it was a great moment to exchange about their experience so far, and share mutual expectations, too. There was also a special meeting with Riccardo - our project and Policy Officer, who will work with us for three more weeks. As his term at OBESSU comes to an end, the Board held an evaluation meeting with him, where they reflected on the development of the position and prepared some handover ideas for our new PPO. 

An essential element of the meeting was the presence of our upcoming Interim Secretary General. As Ela will be leaving soon for maternity break (congratulations!), she will be replaced by Giuseppina Tucci - many of you might know her as former Board Member. We are sure she will be a great addition to the team of OBESSU and will bring in the leadership of the Secretariat with her unique style! You will learn more about her soon - Pina joins the office on Monday 4th of June already!

During the meeting, the Board worked on policy proposals and other preparations for the General Assembly to happen in July, a reflective evaluation of Seeds for Integration programme took place, as well as an extended discussion on how to yet better work with our Membership. Looking back at past events - the ESSC training and the Study Session, as well as looking forward towards the Summer School were also on the agenda, ensuring good implementation of the OBESSU Work Plan.  

On Saturday the Board was joined by two Monitoring Committee members, Agnesa and Peter,  who were working in parallel on an internal audit of OBESSU, preparing their report for the General Assembly. The meeting allowed an exchange of views on current developments in OBESSU, and gave space to jointly discuss ideas on how to further the cooperation of both structures.   

The Board will come together at the European Youth Event on the first week of June, and the next meeting is planned ahead of the General Assembly.