During the days 5th-9th of September 2018, we, the Board had our handover meeting, in TWO countries!
The first half of our meeting started in Brussels, Belgium. We met with our partners - YFJ, LLLP, ESU - to discuss our priorities for the upcoming year and to further strengthen our cooperation. We also had a very in-formal Meet and Greet with other stakeholders that work in the youth sector to meet us and establish a good working relationship!

In Brussels, we started to construct the 2019 Implementation Plan; Started to construct an evaluation process of the Development Strategy and met our lovely Secretariat. We had an Advocacy and Policy session with Judit, our Project and Policy Officer, to develop our Advocacy strategy. Andrew Todd, from the LLLP, presented the European Education Area and the new Erasmus proposal.

While we were in Brussels, we met with the new Monitoring Committee. We went over our expectations towards each other and we can assure you that our relationship is stronger than ever!

The second half of our handover meeting continued in the magical place, that is, Mollina.
You’re probably thinking where did they have the time for a team-building activity? Well, you’d be surprised by how much you can do in an airplane!
In Mollina, we discussed Seeds for Integration; (very exciting) ExtGA/COMEM; upcoming events and finally divided portfolios for the remainder of the year and the next year.

Having a Board of 4 people is quite different than having 5 people, but we are very confident that we will do a good job and we can’t wait to share our work with you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact us at board@obessu.org

Sara, Edvardas, Rob, Giuseppe
The Board of OBESSU