Hello everyone, 

You might know me already but just in case, I am Carmen Romero and I was the second ESC volunteer that OBESSU has had. 

I started my volunteer work in June 2021 for the duration of a year, so right now while you read this I am not a volunteer anymore, but let me tell you more about being an ESC Volunteer at OBESSU. 

I started volunteering in different movements and organisations long ago because it is rooted in my beliefs of the importance of participating and trying to improve (as much as we can) our reality. This volunteering journey led me to many different places and in 2019 for the first time I took the opportunity to do a short term volunteer work in Turkey linked to the European Solidarity Corps. This short volunteering made me realize the usefulness of the program and how easy it can be to move to another country and start working on something that matters to you. 

That’s why for me it was clear that I had to find another opportunity, possibly longer, to really take advantage of all the opportunities the program brings and that’s how in 2021 I ended up at OBESSU. I have been volunteering at OBESSU for a year and it’s been a game changer for me. I have learnt many new things and I feel more confident about the ones that I knew already. I am very grateful for having met such cool colleagues. I have learnt a lot from them but I have also had many funny moments. Thanks to OBESSU I participated in different activities such as events of the organisation but also training that have been very useful for me personally. This year in Brussels I have improved my French and thanks to many of my colleagues I have also learnt a bit of Italian (my childhood dream). 

To sum up, I really encourage people my age, younger or older to check out the European Solidarity Corps and to find out more about the many organisations working all over Europe that need support and who knows, maybe you will find your own OBESSU and have an amazing time abroad. 

Bye bye, ESC!