As part of the #EcoFighters – School students for the environment annual EYF work plan, OBESSU is launching a call for a Consultant to help in the development of an Action Kit for School student organising for the environment. 

About #Ecofighters

With the #EcoFIghters – School students for the environment project we aim at promoting a culture of environmental awareness and activism in the context of school student and apprentices organisations, through democratic participation of young people in various ways, platforms and levels.

In order to achieve that, the work plan has the following objectives:

● to promote the exchange of best practices and examples, among OBESSU member organisations in relation to environmental issues and sustainability;

● to build capacities of school student activists in advocacy and democratic participation, with a special focus on addressing environmental challenges, from local and national to European and global levels;

● to develop an 'Action Kit' related to the topic for school student activists; - to implement local and national awareness raising actions regarding environmental issues.

About the Action kit on school student organising for the environment

The development of the Action Kit will be based on the inputs of young people, and will be shaped according to their needs and identified topics to be covered. The Action kit will serve as a manual of good practices, but also step by step, youth-friendly approach towards campaigning and organising activities for raising environmental awareness and sustainability, or advocating for a change.

The structure of the Action Kit will be developed in collaboration between the consultant and the #Ecofighters coordination team - consisting of young people (OBESSU board, OBESSU PoT, young activists). The consultant will be responsible to organise the different consultation processes (seen below) and collect the inputs from the young people, as well as to develop the final publication in coordination with the OBESSU secretariat and the #EcoFightes coordination team.

To know more about the role, the resbonsibilities and the financial conditions, read the full call here>>

Apply by the 11th of March 2021 23.59 CET