“Can You Solve This?” is a grassroots campaign that aims to bring attention to human rights abuses in Iran. In particular, it focuses on the systematic denial of education which the Iranian government uses as a tool of persecution toward numerous groups of students. Those affected by this systematic persecution include student activists, religious minorities, human right defenders, woman rights supporters, ethnic minorities, etc. The centerpiece of the campaign is the website “can-you-solve-this.org”, which shares with its visitors a short animated video that outlines the situation. After viewing the clip, the visitor is able to send pre-drafted emails to political representatives asking for their support in addressing these problems. A movement is only as influential as the people that push it forward. Please spread the word amongst your friends, family and colleagues and act by asking your government to speak up! Watch the campaign video here: Can You Solve This? Campaign website: www.can-you-solve-this.org