Have you ever heard of Coloured Glasses? The concept refers to the analogy of the sunglasses as the cultural filters through which people observe and interpret reality. “Each person has glasses with a distinct lens colour based on their nationality, education and culture. The coloured lenses represent our attitudes, belief, values and our overall cultural identity based on the way in which we are raised and socialised” (EEE-YFU video).

In partnership with European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding (EEE-YFU), Fern Universität in Hagen and seven European national YFU organisations, OBESSU launched a two-year project (2017 – 2018) called “Coloured Glasses: Expanding Intercultural Education”.

Following the Paris Declaration, signed by European education ministers in March 2015, the European Commission decided to support projects falling under the scope of the Declaration on promoting citizenship and common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.

In particular, this project aims to upscale, disseminate and implement the concept of Coloured Glasses through workshops in secondary schools, both for students and teachers. With the support of training material on intercultural learning and using interactive non-formal education methods, the workshops are focusing on topics such as preventing violent radicalisation and promoting democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship.

In the framework of the project, all participating YFU organisations will identify a region (within their countries) where they want to upscale their Coloured Glasses activities. OBESSU will provide support in identifying “school ambassadors” who will be in charge of working together with regional coordinators (YFU) in building a network among local secondary school students and setting up the workshops.

Interested in these initiatives and want to know more about Coloured Glasses? Feel free to contact our Programme Coordinator Eszter at eszter@obessu.org and keep an eye on our social media... more information coming soon!