At the beginning of December, from the 5th to the 7th, the capital of Europe, Brussels, hosted OBESSU’s Council of Members 2019. It was the moment of the year where School Student activists gathered from all over Europe to shape our platform for the future. 

During this statutory meeting, 23 organisations came together to make decisions regarding OBESSU’s political documents and to have discussions regarding the current work of OBESSU as well as future plans of the Organisation.

During the presentations from the Board and the Secretary-General, it became clear that the organisation keeps growing but also that new challenges are coming such as more events, bigger secretariat, more workload, something that the organisation still needs to learn how to manage better. A similar point was brought up by the MC which mentioned that communication between different structures in OBESSU should improve.

The second day of the COMEM was mainly focused on free policy debate and discussion. The Board decided to have an important part of the day for workshops directly organised by the Member Organisations, to increase the ownership of statutory meetings and to give a concrete opportunity of peer learning and exchange of ideas and good practices. Done immediately after the presentation of the priorities of the Members, it allowed all the participants to feel closer in their fights for school student rights and for a fairer society.  

Moreover, OBESSU has grown! OSKU (Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi), the Finnish national union for students in vocational upper secondary education has been approved by the Board and the Membership as a Candidate Organisation. We are looking forward to our fruitful cooperation and we would like to welcome OSKU in OBESSU once again.

A huge thanks goes to our chairperson, Brendan Power, former OBESSU Board Member (2014-2016) who chaired the Council of Members.

Last but not least, we want to thank all the Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations of our network for making Statutory Meetings so interesting and engaging for the entire platform. Democratic processes are at the core of our work, and this would not be possible without them!