A complete HRE is an educational process that can be for indviduals as for groups but of which the result be different from individual to individual. It can only be a free (not obliged) and interactive learning process that combines education, training and animation within the framework of the society in which it takes place. The approach, the style and the content of HRE should be at any time based on mutual respect, discussion and exchange between "teacher-student and student-teacher" (I start to feel the influence of previous modules) with as an overall aim to provoke social changes at all levels, to on an individual level to get to an understanding, appropriation and concrete actions that then can be translated and multiplied towards others and so on, then lead to a human rights culture in contemporary society meaning that all know what is, and try for themselves and others to achieve respect and dignity in daily life. Now need to be definedĀ  education, training, animation, human rights culture Official definition by Professor P.J. of the French/Belgian institute for everything, only available here.