Between the 25th and 27th of July, OBESSU was at the E-Teams training in the beautiful city of Setúbal, Portugal. This training was based on career guidance and gamification when working in supporting students and their career choices. Each day of the training focused on a different theme with day one focused on career guidance and career management skills, day two focused on gamification and day three focusing on peer-to-peer education. The overall goal of the project is to develop a game which can be used to teach career management skills to students across Europe.

On the first day, we focused on career guidance and explored a framework which would allow students to develop career management skills. We discussed the needs of students as they progress through their careers and how they can develop the skills they need in order to tackle the uncertain world which students are entering into. After discussing this, we discussed how to plan an activity and, in the afternoon, we broke up into groups and planned a sample activity which could be done to help students acquire some of these skills.

On the second day, we focused on aspects of gamification. Gamification is the process of making a game out of a context which is completely different to games. During this day, we learnt more about the process of gamification and how it could be used in order to achieve the goals of the project. We spoke about the different aspects of games and discussed the digital tools (e.g. Canva, Kahoot etc.) which can be used in order to engage students. In the afternoon, we tried to adapt the activities which we had already planned to the digital world using the tools we had spoken about.

On the third day, we focused on peer-to-peer education to consider how this could be used by groups of students to achieve the goals of the course. We considered what peer-to-peer education is and planned an activity in groups which would allow students to work together to build up skills (e.g. in my group, we focused on building empathy). Finally, we discussed our own experiences of peer-to-peer learning. In the afternoon, we undertook team-building in the Tróia Social Club (not far from Setúbal). This was very fun and good fun was had by all.

Overall, this training was great fun and focused on many different aspects of career guidance, gamification and peer-to-peer education. We all feel that we can bring something back to our organisations and implement what we have learnt in our own contexts.