Is there a champion and role model for young people who promotes youth rights? Could young Europeans engage more in the civic actions of their communities? How can youngsters organise and take an active role in their political realities? 

Since no one understands how young people mobilise better than young people, the European Changemakers Academy will give us the space and means to improve all these aspects. In Barcelona, a mix of young volunteers and experts from eleven European organisations had the first meeting to set up the ECMA. Volunteers, peer-learning and mentorship are the key ingredients of this academy that will train and empower young people from very different backgrounds to become changemakers in their own community.

These youngsters will acquire through non-formal methods the necessary skills to organise themselves for a common objective on the local and European level, access political life, influence policy-makers and, eventually, mentor other people to reach the same role. The first changemakers will have the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice in a 24 hours Ideathlon in Italy or by drafting policy recommendations and demands that OBESSU will make sure they reach the relevant stakeholders through its advocacy work.

A long (but not so long) journey to design, test and implement this academy has just started. High quality learning materials, educational videos, trainings for the changemakers that will travel around the continent disseminating their knowledge and building the capacity of other people are only a few of the many outcomes that ECMA will feature.

Keep an eye on OBESSU communication channels for updates on the coolest academy for youth in Europe and contact for any extra information!