Envision 4.7 was an event organised by Bridge 47 in collaboration with the Finish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the auspices of Finnish Presidency of the EU Council. On behalf of OBESSU, our Board member, Adrian Barbaroș participated and brought his inputs on creating a document, Roadmap, which will serve as directions for implementing Global Citizenship Education on a European level. The event, which was hold in Helsinki between 5 and 7 of November, brought together more than 200 participants, from policy-makers, civil society representatives to academics.

Target 4.7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals touches the moral and humanistic role of education and has a crucial role on achieving the SDGs. Target 4.7 comes to fruition in all forms of education by Global Citizenship Education (GCE). OBESSU has started to work on Global Citizenship Education last year by creating a working-group on this topic, but also developing a policy paper which reflects the needs of school students regarding this type of education. We strongly believe that GCE allows school students to assume active roles in society, to work towards peace, human rights and multiculturalism. Turning SDG 4.7 into reality in Europe requires the involvement of each segment of stakeholders and systematic change and without the involvement of the school students this objective will never be feasible.

The event was also enriched by the debates, panels, group-reflections, discussion with policy-makers in the field, but also with the exchange of good practises between participants. It was a nice opportunity to dive into the topic, to see how international organisations work on the topic, how GCE reaches the grassroots and how all the actors can work together for a better world. 

OBESSU will continue the fight for Global Citizenship Education in all schools from Europe, in all forms of education, by doing so we can envision a more sustainable, peaceful, tolerant and eco-friendly world!