From the July 19th to 23rd of July, nine European organisations that carry out the Operation Day's Work (ODW) concept in their countries gathered in Oslo, Norway, for the International Summer Camp 2011. Started in 1962 in Sweden, Operation Day's Work is a charity program based on volunteering by school students motivated to act in solidarity and improve the lives of young people worldwide. By volunteering, school students collect money and distribute it afterwards to youngsters that are in need of it. By 2010, Operation Day's work (also called Social Day or Volunteering Day) has been carried out in eight other European countries: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Serbia. These organisations have helped each other in setting up the Volunteering day and cherished their cooperation, which in 2010 led up to the first International Summer Camp in Denmark.  The cooperation continued throughout the year and some ideas were finalized during this years’ Summer Camp. Representatives of Adelante Cooperativa & Operation Daywork (Italy), Operation Dagsvaerk (Denmark), UNSS – Union of Secondary School Students of Serbia (Serbia), Schüler Helfen Leben (Germany), Zuiddag (Belgium), Taksvärkki/Dagsverke (Finland)  and Operasjon Dagsverk (Norway) came together in summer 2011 to strengthen cooperation, exchange ideas and experiences and discuss on common principles and future plans for joint activities. An important output of this year’s Summer Camp is the agreement upon eight basic common principles: § 1: Our actions are done by, with and for youth. § 2: We act in solidarity. § 3: We raise global consciousness and awareness through education. § 4: Pupils have the right to choose to participate. § 5: Our Action Day shall promote active citizenship. § 6: We implement projects for formal, non-formal and informal education. § 7: The projects should be sustainable, locally initiated and include marginalized groups. § 8: We base our work on transparency. The next Summer Camp will take place in Germany during the 2012 summer.