Last weekend, 5-6 August, the OBESSU General Assembly took place in Berlin, Germany. Participants and guests from 25 student unions gathered at Freie Universität Berlin, the GA venue, to discuss the political and governmental direction of the organisation. We want to thank all our Member, Candidate and Affiliate organisations for their active participation last weekend. In 4 highlights, you can find out in this article what happened!

New candidate organisations

OBESSU is growing! As you could read earlier on our news feed, the Board accepted two new candidate applications from school student unions in the United Kingdom and Moldova. Representatives for the National Society of Apprentices (NSoA, UK) and the Pupils’ Union of Moldova (UEM) got the time to present their organisation to the General Assembly. The Board already approved their candidacies but it was up to the General Assembly to ratify this decision, which it did unanimously. NSoA and UEM, now fully embraced by the whole network of OBESSU!

Member organisations fair

Besides statutory obligations, the General Assembly also functions as a forum for informal sharing and peer learning. As all student unions of our network are represented during this statutory meeting, it is the ideal moment to share best practices from the national level. During a poster fair organisations could share the number one project their union is currently running. The Board was impressed by all the successful projects our member organisations are running nationally. It is truly inspiring to see all the great work done by school students, keep going!

Approval of new documents

The General Assembly voted on several proposed new document, giving clearer political direction to the organisation. First of all the new Work Plan for the period 2018-2020 was approved. The new Work Plan not only lists the new political priorities of the organisations for the coming years, but also provides a new structure to implement the content of the Work Plan. From now on it will be possible to combine the priorities of the Work Plan with opportunities and political realities that could not yet be foreseen at the time the Work Plan was composed. Also, our new Policy Paper “Innovation in Education: the School Students’ Perspective,” was approved. This document claims school students’ rights in the discussions for innovation in education, regardless of what is wanted by the labour market or institutions. Lastly the restructured Political Platform was approved -  a fresh version of the old Political Platform, compiling the same claims but cut down from 30 to 15 pages.

Oldies out, newbies in

Sadly, the General Assembly also marks an end to mandates. Thank you once again to Laufey, who left the Board after her two year mandate. Thank you for all the work you’ve done for the organisation, it is much appreciated. We want to wish Laufey the best of luck in her future endeavours, we hope she will never forget OBESSU - for sure OBESSU will never forget her. Luckily the end of Laufey’s mandate means the beginning of a new… Congratulations to Sara (SIF, Iceland) and Rob (ISSU, Ireland), who will be taking over in the Board. A two-year adventure is ahead of you and we can promise you that the ride will be wild. Best of luck to the both of you!


After an intense but exciting weekend, we hope everyone got home safe to continue the great work in school student activism, hopefully inspired by your european peers. Lastly we want to thank Dejan, former board member of OBESSU and current vice-president of the European Youth Forum, for his great chairing work, Frederic Koch and his team from SVB for their great hosting work and all our member unions for their active participation and their great work in school student activism.


Article written by the Board of OBESSU. If you have any questions about the General Assembly, please write to