Today is my last day at the OBESSU Secretariat, and it is time to say goodbye to everyone that I have met throughout these 6,5 months. I landed in OBESSUland without a clear image of what this internship was going to be like. I would have never expected the professional dynamism that I was about to experience. 

I have gone through many adventures and emotions, both in personal and professional aspects, which have made the 2019 one of the best years of my life. OBESSU and this internship has been a learning rollercoaster full of challenges, that, with the help of the lovely colleagues I have been lucky to work with, I have tried to face in the best possible way. 

OBESSU has allowed me to broaden my knowledge in Communications and Events, has given me the opportunity to meet beautiful people in the Secretariat, Board, MC and in the different Member Organisations. OBESSU has provided me with the unique chance of attending different events around Europe and has meant a milestone in my future career.

I take with me a lot of funny moments in the Secretariat, and the best working environment I have ever worked in. I even feel like my Spanish level has surprisingly increased with all the Spanish-speaking colleagues/on the way to learn Spanish colleagues! What I do not take with me (yet) is the passion for coffee my colleagues have and the art of making a tasty coffee, as well as paying attention to the time of lunches and dinners. I leave that for the upcoming years! 

I feel very privileged to have been part of OBESSUland. Perhaps, the main learning outcome of my internship has been the fact that I have had to develop new competences, skills and knowledge which will be extremely useful for my future professional career. I will carry this to my next adventure!

I wish the very best of luck in pursuing your objectives and goals to all the people I have met, and I would like to thank to all the current and former Secretariat members I have worked with, for your support and friendliness throughout these months! And special thanks to Samira and Pina; thank you for being so helpful, patient and caring with me, you have made this adventure way better!

And because it is never a goodbye, let’s just say for now, ¡Hasta luego!