On the weekend of 6-9 July, OBESSU was represented at the first ever Youth Forum for the Mediterranean, organised by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). UfM is an intergovernmental institution bringing together 43 countries to promote dialogue and cooperation on both the North and South Coasts of the Mediterranean.  

This event brought together 45 youth leaders from 20 of these different countries to share experiences and best practices, with the focus being on three different topics: women empowerment, youth employability, and sustainable development.

With Sex & Gender being a focus topic for OBESSU in 2019, Board Member Rob & Pool of Trainers Member Alba worked mostly on women empowerment during the forum, enriching the debate with the education point of view. As education is at the roots of the problem of gender inequality in many countries, we were very happy that at the end of the weekend the whole group put it as the focus where to develop and implement future projects to empower women and achieve full gender equality. The group concluded that this can be a part of a larger framework of improved global citizenship education and empowerment of youth - with democratic schools an important cornerstone of this.

The forum was a great opportunity to meet different organisations led by youth working on different aspects across the Mediterranean region - some of which have a developing school student activism culture.  It was the starting point of a great cooperation channel, fostering dialogue and integration among all participants. Watch this space for development of school student activism and cooperation in the future!