Following the OBESSU General Assembly in Bucharest, Romania, Board Members Rob & Sara travelled to Italy to visit the summer activist camps of both Italian member organisations, Unione degli Studenti (UdS) and Rete degli Studenti Medi (RSM).

At Riot Village hundreds of UdS members had gathered for the festival and General Assembly of the organisation, which ran parallel to the event. We got the chance to attend their GA and meet their newly elected International Officer, discussing priorities and the plans for both organisations in the future.

Workshops and panels are held throughout the 2-week camp, which occurs in cooperation with university student union LINK - coordinamento universitario. We explored the different pillars of Seeds for Integration with young UdS activists and held a workshop on VET, where we discussed different barriers that VET students may face. This was a great opportunity to work with our members on this topic, because VET is a focus topic for UdS this year.

Revolution Camp, held in Montalto di Castro by RSM and university student union UdU, also took place this week. We attended a panel debate on migrants and refugees and spoke with RSM members about their current Seeds for Integration project. OBESSU Member Organisations Danske Gymnasieelevers Sammenslutning (DGS) and Erhvervskolernes ElevOrganisation (EEO)  from Denmark also attended as part of a conglomerate international delegation.

It was fascinating to see young activists come together to plan and run such large, well-organised student-led events. The fantastic work done by both organisations at grassroots level has created the opportunity for these activist festivals to flourish organically and become very popular- a fantastic example for both OBESSU and other Member Organisations to learn from.

A big thank you goes out to Giacomo Zolezzi and Giuseppe Lipari for their logistical support.