Secondary school students can shape the future of Europe! For sure it does not always feel like that: decisions taken by others largely shape your days, shape your education, and have shaped the polluted planet you inherit. But think about it: you have the longest life ahead of you and see most clearly how the future might look; you have energy, ideas and enthusiasm; and despite everything you have some freedom to decide how you spend your lives. It might not happen quickly, and it certainly won’t happen easily, but people currently at school are still in the best starting position to make changes for the better. You might not be able to change much on your own, but by working together you will be able to change everything. It can seem like a big task, and it is. But you are not alone.

This is a toolkit to help you discuss your ideas for the future of Europe. It can be used by classes, in large groups of up to 40 people, or just by a few students who want to discuss together. We’ve tried to make it as flexible and adaptable as possible.

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