Reflecting and trying to write down some lines about my experience in OBESSU was very challenging due to the amount of interesting and nice moments to mention.

As part of my master studies in Educational Sciences, the internship in OBESSU gave me the opportunity to work in a friendly and professional environment. During these six months, I was responsible to conduct a research on Student Welfare in Europe, focusing in particular on three main aspects: economic, social and health student welfare. My main tasks were to research, identify and analyse how the situation in Europe looks like when it comes to student welfare, through comparison methods between national policies and first-hand testimonies (collected within the OBESSU membership through an online survey).             

Perhaps, the main learning outcome of my internship consists in the opportunity that I had to develop new competences, skills and knowledge which will be very useful in my future professional life. But this experience has also an essential influence on a personal level. Working for an organisation that stands for student rights, I got to know what education really means, realising the great impact that it can have on young learners’ lives. As high school teacher (yes, this is my job!) I will use all the knowledge acquired in OBESSU to better understand my students and try to satisfy their needs.        

There are so many moments during my internship in OBESSU that I will not forget. Apart from all the articles that went through and all the interesting information that I acquired, I will remember the successful campaign for the International Student Day (on Student Welfare), all the meetings with my colleagues and the nice atmosphere in the office. Since the first day, I felt very welcome thanks to the guidelines and support that I received from the OBESSU Board members I worked with.

I would also like to thank all my colleagues (Ela, Riccardo, Giorgio, Eszter and Paolo) who really believed in me and supported my work from the first to the last day. After this collaboration, I feel even more motivated to work in the field of education!

I believe that OBESSU has an important role in secondary education and I recognise the clear potential that OBEESU has on defending school student rights. I wish you all the best for your future efforts in pursuing your objectives and goals!    

Written by Andreas Liazos