Maybe a bit sooner than expected, today marks the day when I did not enter the OBESSU office to start a working day. What a journey it has been in these past 1,5 years!

I cannot honestly tell you how I feel right now because when change appears so quickly, we barely have the chance to reflect on things properly. We do not yet recognise that we will soon enough miss something; you just mentally prepare for the emotions to hit you at some point.

So, let's just go with some things I know I appreciate about OBESSU and always will:

- the important advocacy work that the Board, the Secretariat and all structures of the organisation do for school students and learners;

- the meaningful projects and activities that support school students and learners all around Europe and beyond to stand up for their rights;

- the multilingual (overwhelmingly Italian and Spanish to be fair) organised chaos of the office;

- the jokes and the everso sarcastic laughs when the going gets tough;

- the coffees, chitchats and hugs;

- the learning and self-development opportunities that just never seem to stop coming.

This is no goodbye however, just a see you around. The journey of cooperating with OBESSU is not over yet, and in my new job, I will for sure keep you all close in heart and mind! Thus, I bid adieu to my Obessuland citizenship, but I will still aim to keep a tourist visa if you let me. :)