Well, the moment has arrived... Today is my last day in OBESSU... What to say? It is impossible to resume two intense years in few words. This has been an incredible learning experience, that I had the pleasure to share with fantastic people.

In these two years I had the chance to get in contact with very different realities, understanding the reality of 21st century school students, quite different from my personal experience (that it took place some years ago, hehe), but based on the same values: social commitment, common greater good, and a strong awareness that the future is ours.

I had very interesting chats, discussing about education, school students’ movement, youth work; I remember “extreme” situations, like a big snow storm in Estonia, or a never-ending trip back to Brussels from Strasbourg.

I had the pleasure to see (and also to contribute, I hope) the organisation growing and getting stronger; I saw some of you, school student activists, grow up and getting “older”.

A special thanks goes to my colleagues of the Secretariat and the Board members I worked with: it has been a great pleasure to fight for school students’ rights with you all!!!

See you around ;)