From the 24th to the 27th of February, members of the OBESSU Pool of Trainers (PoT) had their first meeting of the year in Brussels, Belgium. During the four-day meeting, the trainers went through several diverse intense working sessions to shape the work of the PoT for 2018 and to draft the document ‘Guidelines for Inclusion’.

First of all, the event was a good opportunity of team building (5 new trainers have recently joined the pool), warming up, and of course developing new skills and competences as trainers.

As one of the activities of the European Youth Foundation (EYF) year-long work plan, the meeting mainly focused on inclusive school student activism. The main objective was to build a pedagogical framework on social inclusion for youth organisations. The PoT members worked hard, with the result drafting a well structured document called “Guidelines for Inclusion”.

‘Guidelines for Inclusion’ will be a very useful tool for OBESSU and any other youth organisation, as well as for activists and students who want to organise events or run workshops and study sessions in a more inclusive way. The document will cover different aspects, such as how to work with diverse groups, how to develop and set a safe space, how to keep a welcoming atmosphere for everyone… and much more.

We will use these guidelines in all upcoming OBESSU activities and we hope our Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations will do the same. We, as trainers, are very happy about the result and we will make sure the final version will be released and available online very soon!

Stay tuned!

Written by Alba María Serrano Sánchez, Pool of Trainers member