From the 3rd to the 4th of November, our Board member, Sara Þöll attended a Seminar organised by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.
The Seminar was organised to support the work of the Education and Training 2020 Working Group on Schools. The event sought broader evidence from experts on the question ‘’how policies on the evaluation, appraisal and assessment of teachers and school leaders can contribute to attractive and sustainable careers of school staff?’’

In a publication OBESSU worked on in 2012, it is listed that we should always have a narrative form and take into account the context, the background and the different school settings. This publication was sent to the participants and the members of the 2020 WG on Schools after the seminar!

We had a presentation about ‘’How is evaluation conducted?’’ Sara mentioned examples from school students - especially work done by JOB (The Netherlands), AKS (Austria) and SÍF (Iceland). If you want to hear more about these practices, please contact us via - or contact the unions directly.

Overall, the seminar was informative and we gained information that we can use for our focus topic next year, which is Quality of Education.

We want to applaud the coordinators of the seminar for using informal participatory methods and for inviting us as experts.

We’re looking forward to our cooperation in the future!