On the 20th of November, OBESSU attended the last meeting of the Inclusive Mobility Alliance (IMA) that took place in Brussels, Belgium. 

The Inclusive Mobility Alliance is a group of organisations related to education, youth and disabilities working towards making the Erasmus+ programme more inclusive for people with disabilities. In January last year and in light of the revision of the Erasmus+ programme, the Alliance produced a set of recommendations towards European institutions in order to make the programme more accessible and inclusive. 

Therefore, during this last meeting, we reviewed the impact of these recommendations on the new Erasmus+ programme, many of which were indeed included or taken into consideration. 

Afterwards, the different members presented their updates regarding the recommendations and other initiatives they undertook regarding inclusive mobility, such as the EPFIME project (Enhancing a thought-out Policy and Framework on Inclusive Mobility across Europe), which aims, among other objectives, at building an online platform where the different stakeholders involved in mobility of people with disabilities can find the necessary information they need in order to remove the barriers that exist to mobility of students with disabilities. 

During the meeting, we analysed the needs of the platform from the students’ perspective and discussed what needs to be included in it. 

We closed the meeting with a discussion on the future of the alliance: next steps, scope, structure, membership, meetings and more. Stay tuned, news coming soon!