From the last day of January to February 2nd, the Swedish Speaking School Student Union of Finland (FSS) organized their annual spring event in sunny Turku, Finland. The event gathered around 20 participants who got to focus on inclusion and diversity. 

Inclusive Schools Leader project member Samuel Skrifvars facilitated large parts of the event together with FSS President and Pool of Trainers-member Emilie Jäntti. Joining the facilitators were also Regnbågsankan rf, a  LGBT+ organisation. During the two days of sessions participants got to take part in workshops regarding inclusive education, inclusive values, diversity etc. The workshops were mixed with lectures regarding different aspects of inclusive education.

However, inclusion is not only an event, it’s a journey. All participants created action plans for making their own schools more inclusive. There was a wide range of ideas for inclusive activities ranging from shorter events to longer ones. As well as changing school practices.    

Regnbågsankan took the stage for later parts of the event. They talked about the state of LGBT+ rights across Europe along with attitudes in today’s society. Furthermore, participants came up with ideas to make schools more inclusive for LGBT+ people. 

In conclusion, everyone was given tools on how to shape a more inclusive tomorrow.