On the 17th of November, International Students' Day, OBESSU's Slovakian member ŠUS took part in the European voluntary tour in Bratislava.  They organised a few workshops, which offered information about various activities organised by ŠUS and also encouraged visitors to actively participate. But, the main part was a discussion with the Secretary of the Ministry of Eucation, Science, Research and Sport, Mgr. Jaroslav Ivančo.

In the discussion our Secretary General, Martin Macík, acted as an oponent of our guest and presented the views and opinions of Slovak schol students on the lack of a dialogue between high school students and ministry, the form and content of high school final exams – MATURITA - and the role of student councils. Students who attended the discussion had many interesting questions which were answered by Mgr. Ivančo, so the whole discussion was interactive, thanks to both sides. 

Mgr. Ivančo said at the end of the discussion: "I hope we save enlightened principals, who will accept the opinions of students."

Also, on the 17th of November, ŠUS published the first issue of its online magazine: Students. Even though it is for Slovak students, it contains two articles in English, from UNSS and FSS, talking about what they do on Student's day in their countries. You can read it by clicking here!