The Council of Europe and the EU launched their youth partnership in 1998. The partnership focuses on a balanced involvement of both partners in terms of political priorities, management, funding and visibility.

Fast forward to 2019 - On the 26th-27th of February, the EU-CoE Youth Partnership held their 1st preparatory meeting for the upcoming Symposium on young people’s political participation at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.

Sara, from the OBESSU Board, attended the meeting. The representatives at the meeting shared their experience and expectations on the topic and for the symposium.

As OBESSU has a very politically active membership, Sara brought the experience from our membership straight to the discussions which helped shape the focus of the symposium. The symposium will focus on gathering people from different fields, related to the political participation of young people, and look at how their participation is today and explore how it will be in the future.

There will be another preparatory meeting in May to focus more on the actual planning, while the symposium will take place in the second half of September - will we see you there?

If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to