The Global Citizenship Education Working Group (GCE WG) met for the first time physically on 18th-19th June in Lisbon. This working group was formed as part of OBESSU’s workplan, which gives it the tasks of exploring existing policies and practices of GCE as well as developing policy guidelines in consultation with the OBESSU membership.

The Working Group members include Francisco Acosta Cifuentes (CANAE), Lucija Karnelutti (DOS), Adrian Barbaros (CNE) with Board Member Larissa Nenning. Secretariat support is provided by our Policy Officer Judit Lantai.

We had a full agenda in Lisbon:

To start off the meeting we defined what’s GCE and how OBESSU has worked on it. After that, we had a meeting on Monday with Miguel Silva, the Global Education Manager from the North South Center of the Council of Europe where we learned about their work and discussed possible cooperations. The rest of the 1,5 days were spent developing our own policy guidelines on Global Citizenship Education for OBESSU, after closely examining the current situation of citizenship education in Europe and its global dimension and reflecting on school students needs as citizens in a global world.

Over the next few months we are expecting to produce policy guidelines on GCE from the school students perspective as well as educational activities for school students to practice GCE.

Stay tuned for more information on our work!