During the last months MAKOSZ, the Union of Hungarian High school Students from Romania, organised some activities of which we present a short overview:
  • Consultative Conventions of the Countries at Temesvár and Kolozsvár
  • Diaspora Meeting
  • National Training Weekend
Consultative Conventions of the Countries at Temesvár and Kolozsvár The Consultative Convention of the Counties (CCC) is being organised three times a year. This Convention is the official forum of MAKOSZ, where the members can exchange information and ideas. Each county can be represented by three students that have the right to vote and are therefore responsible of the future of MAKOSZ. Between the 18th and 20th of March, MAKOSZ had its first Consultative Convention of the Counties at Temesvár, where a new presidency was elected. The second Consultative Convention was held between the 20th and 22th of May at Kolozsvár, where mainly reports about past activities of the members were discussed. Diaspora Meeting MAKOSZ held the first Diaspora Meeting of the year in Zalau between the 15th and 17th of April. The Diaspora Meeting is MAKOSZ’s training and forum for students that live in the diaspora area. During this meeting they can exchange experiences, receive training and talk about the challenges their school environment faces. National Training Weekend A record number of students arrived to the National Training Weekend organised by MAKOSZ, which was hosted in Gheorgheni between the 6th and 8th of May. The main objective of the training was to provide young student leaders with basic knowledge in project and organisational management. The training also aimed at strengthening cooperation between its participants and making them active members of their student councils.