After heading back to Brussels from the UK, the Bus Tour drove to Paris early Friday (1st October) morning arriving just in time for a press conference organised by UNL. While we said goodbye to Hreidar in London, for this journey we were joined by our Secretary General, Jonathan Favereau.

As it turned out, our visit coincided not only with one of UNL National Meetings, but also at the same time as France’s national strikes against the raising of the retirement age. On Saturday morning, after handing out fliers to school students, we set off to the beginning of the march with UNL. With Trade Unions announcing a crowd of 320.000 people, this was an awesome chance to experience demonstrating the French way!

Marching through the streets of Paris, we finally finished in Place de Nation and were then lead off towards UNL’s National meeting. Here, UNL officially adopted the Lights on the Rights’ Declaration and we look forward to see what campaigns UNL comes up with when it comes to implementing school students’ rights.