Let me briefly introduce myself. I am Carmen and I am super excited to be starting my volunteer work at OBESSU as Membership and Outreach Assistant under the programme European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

I studied Political Science and Public Administration in Madrid and currently I am finishing a master in Political Science with a focus on European Institutions. I started engaging in the student movement when I was already  in high school but even more when I was in university. I have been a student representative at the local, national and international level and I firmly believe that the engagement of students and young people is fundamental for the well being of societies. 

I have recently joined the OBESSU Secretariat in Brussels where I am going to be supporting the rest of the team in areas such as Membership and Communication while learning about OBESSU’s work in other fields too. I am passionate about organisational development and hopefully I will be able to contribute with my knowledge and experience to build an inclusive and accessible environment for its Member Organisations. 

Even though I am not going to be able to meet many of my new colleagues in person yet, I am really looking forward to working with them, learning and most importantly being of help in these uncertain times. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at carmen@obessu.org!