Ciao! Nice to meet you, online strangers. I am glad to present myself as a part of this amazing community, the Obessu secretariat. I am Ettore and I will be an intern as Research and Policy Assistant, thanks to a job mobility grant of the Tuscany Region with the program Giovani Si

Graduated in Modern History at the University of Pisa (Italy), I am currently finishing a postgraduate master in Parliamentary Institutions for Consultants of Assemblies at the University of Rome ‘Sapienza’. Also teaching fellow in political thought and history of political institutions at the University of Pisa, I am engaged in the italian social activism (ARCI) and movements grouping precarious workers. 

This is a long story (of love, of course) that begins as students representative in the field of the right to education in Tuscany: a right that isn’t intended as a package of monetary benefits, but a real right to citizenship for every person in training. Student representation, intellectual research, political commitment for the rights to dignities, and participation in mass grassroots movements against the cuts in funding for education and research: these are the places of my human and political training, along with a Catholic-inspired social values - even with a clear criticism against any conservatism.

The environment of the Obessu will be an important step in maturation, trans-national civic engagement, and inter-sectional awareness: in particular, joining the policy team will certainly be an important experience for updating on the major issues of social reconstruction after the pandemic. Everything will be fine (‘andrà tutto bene’) only if we rebuild equality and dignity for all!

I am ready to meet you, if you wish - also beyond the working time, when I am not travelling, reading novels, baking sweets or writing poetry ;)

Reach out to me at