Hello Hello! 

My name is Skyla Thomas and I am interning as a policy assistant with OBESSU until early August. 

I'm currently in the fourth and final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria in Canada, where I am studying political science honours with a focus on European politics. My honours dissertation focuses on the trends and concerns influencing voters in the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections compared to the elite voices predicting the electoral outcomes, and how these trends compare to the 2019 EP election results. Through this internship, I hope to receive a greater understanding of how the upcoming EP elections influence youth voices across Europe. 

In Canada, I have taken part in many student unions from high school to university, where I currently hold the position of Vice President and previously held the position of Director of  Elections in the political science course union at the University of Victoria. Through these positions, I have had the opportunity to represent the voices of my fellow students within the Department of Political Science by advocating for equal opportunities for all political science students. 

I am honoured and delighted to take part in this opportunity over the next couple of months and learn about the European youth experience in the centre of the EU during a democratically charged summer. 

Please reach out if you have any independent local cafe recommendations or places that I must visit before I return to Canada.