14th December 2017, only a day after the job interview I have received a call from Ela offering me the opportunity to join the OBESSU team. Even though we both knew that administrative procedures (work and residence permit given that my country - Serbia is not a part of the EU) will take a while, we decided to go for it and fight until the end (thank you, Ela). After hundreds of papers, emails and calls we made it! In the beginning of April 2018 I joined the Secretariat in Brussels and started a journey as a programme coordinator of Seeds for integration. Or it's better to say a roller coaster. 

During the two years spent in OBESSU I had the opportunity to work with three different Boards, two Secretary Generals and a lot of colleagues in Secretariat (some of them became friends). What is more important is that I had the opportunity to work with so many young people who were trying to make educational inclusion of migrant and refugee students a reality. Helping them to develop quality project proposals and providing support during the implementation (from the office but also through field visits) were definitely the highlights of this position. Were there any challenges? Oh, so many. But I guess that is what makes the roller coaster ride fun, right?

For me Seeds for integration never was and never will be just a project - it was an attempt to use my experience of being a migrant student to help others who are in the same/similar situation. While you evaluate/judge how successful I was in that essay I am continuing the journey hoping for calm waters.

See you around :)