Are you lost on mobility opportunities for you as a learner in school or apprenticeship? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We who? Good questions, it’s us, the partners of the Erasmus in Schools project! Still wondering who we are? Let us try to explain. We have.. 

  • Erasmus Student Network France: a french network of 35 youth associations for the reception and integration of international students, and awareness of international mobility.
  • Erasmus Student Network Spain : a spanish network present in 39 cities with more than 1500 volunteers, providing services to international students who come to Spain. 
  • EuroApp Mobility : Euro App Mobility is a non-profit association, founded in 2020, whose mission is to develop the international mobility (Erasmus type) of apprentices and alternating students.
  • OBESSU: a school student organisation that gathers 36 members from 25 countries all over Europe. OBESSU strives for school student involvement in decision making, cooperation in education and for a widely accessible education in Europe. 

Quite an impressive bunch of organisations, no? We can tell you already that the 4 of us together have been cooking quite some things in the pot to make international mobility more accessible for all of you in Europe. 

First of all, we have been collecting your views on international mobility through a survey in which 1500 learners from general education, vocational training and apprenticeships participated in Spring 2022. What did we research? We focus on understanding your perception and knowledge of mobility opportunities. Does it come as a surprise that  53% of students in general and vocational schools who answered the Erasmus in Schools survey are not aware of international mobility opportunities available for them? Not for us. We know that one of the main barriers to international mobility is information. Thanks to the research, we will try to engage with institutions and other organisations to discuss strategies to make information more accessible and make mobility opportunities more accessible. For example, we presented some bites of the research in October 2022 at the Social Inclusion and Engagement in Mobility (SIEM) project conference, and we will also launch the report and discuss with policy makers and civil society at the Lifelong Learning Week at the end of November. 

But this is not all, we are also cooking more for you. For example, we are now researching information to add in our Mobility Passport, which will be available in Spanish and French, and will explore mobility opportunities for your wishes and needs. It will be a tool for you to orient yourself in the confusing world of mobility, be it because you want to study abroad, kickstart your career or explore other countries and cultures in Europe. 

How does this sound? Ambitious, isn’t it? But we are so excited to continue working on these outputs to ensure more equitable opportunities for mobility and to make a Europe made of equal opportunities for young people and learners in particular. 

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us!