Hello! I am  Nicole Voli, a student from Foligno, a small town in the centre of Italy. I’m currently enrolled in the fourth year of the Liceo classico F. Frezzi. This year I seized the moment (carpe diem) and I applied to take part in a one-month long Erasmus in Brussels so I seized the opportunity and left for Belgium. I was selected to do an internship in OBESSU and was entrusted to Giuseppina, my personal tutor and the Secretary General of OBESSU. She introduced me to the rest of the team and guided me in my tasks. From the very beginning, I was welcomed by the team in an atmosphere of serenity, and each member explained their objectives. OBESSU as an organisation encourages and facilitates the engagement of school students in decision-making processes that affect their daily lives. This involves fostering a meaningful and direct dialogue between students and decision-makers, both at the local and international levels. At the beginning my tasks felt suited for my level of training and skills. Then after a couple of days my tutor and I, with a better understanding of my attitudes and interests, selected and suggested more specific activities. The goals and projects that OBESSU supports match with my interests and the needs of all students, in fact my association aims to present the perspectives of students in European institutions, improve the quality of education, the synergy and cooperation among students, and to eradicate the iniquity within school systems in European countries. I decided to sign up for this Erasmus  because I wanted to dive into an experience that could give me more responsibility and prepare me for the future with a first working activity. I’m sure my skills and confidence will be significantly expanded once back in Italy. Some notable developments are the ability to collaborate, language fluency, my understanding of the functioning of work dynamics and projects and, last but not least, the intervention of the European Union in the field of education. 

Written by: Nicole Voli (February 2024)