We are very excited that one of our main focus areas in 2020 is environment! Thanks to the financial support from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe we are running a project called #EcoFighters.

#EcoFighters is a one year project focused on Environmental Sustainability through different activities and reaching out to different levels of our network. 

The main aim of the project is to promote a culture of environmental awareness and activism in the context of school students and apprentices organisations, through democratic participation of young people in various ways, platforms and levels.

Between the 27th of February 2020 and the 3rd of March 2020 we have gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the first of three regional advocacy seminars. The seminars have a regional focus, and therefore this one was oriented on Northern Europe.

During 4 productive days, we were able to explore different concepts and terms that come up when discussing climate change and environmental issues to enable us to start with a common ground and understanding. We also spent a lot of time sharing our personal, organisational and regional or national realities and talking about possible actions we can take as individuals, as school student unions or as schools. 

Considering that OBESSU is not an environmental organisation and neither are we experts when it comes to environmental issues, we are happy that we can bring some experts as guests to our regional seminars! In Copenhagen, we welcomed Monika Skadborg who is the chairperson of the Youth Climate Council in Denmark and a former Youth Delegate to the UN climate negotiations. She is in her second year of being in the Executive Committee of the European Students’ Union where her portfolio includes sustainability and the public responsibility of education. 

Monika shared her expertise on environmental issues in Northern Europe and beyond. Her presentation titled as “Sustainability: why should students care?” included reports on Sustainable Development Goals, their intersectionality, good practices from educational institutions and governmental policies. She also made us aware that Northern European states are not that pro-environment as they are often exemplified. Finally, she taught us how individuals can contribute to sustainability by adjusting their daily cuisine.

We are more than confident that our participants brought home many good practices, ideas for actions and changes either as individuals or within their organisations and we are looking forward to the next steps of our Work Plan!

Written by Daša Koribaničová, member of OBESSU Secretariat. 


Supported by the Council of Europe trhough the European Youth Foundation