The city of Braga, Portugal as the European Youth Capital hosted the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum that took place from 17th to 20th November 2011. Alongside with all other Member organisations of the European Youth Forum, OBESSU was present with its Secretary General, Viviana Galli and Board member, Ivica Alpeza.

A two day Council of Members held Plenary Debate on “A Europe for new generations”, with  speakers such as Mr. Antonio José Seguro, former President of the European Youth Forum and leader of the opposition in Portugal, and Mr. Shiv Malik, co-author of “Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted its youth”. Furthermore, a discussion on a Pan-European Campaign on lowering the voting age to 16 took place, together with six Policy Commission sessions addressed on different topics, where these documents where adopted:

  • Resolution on Western Sahara;
  • Resolution for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012;
  • Resolution on the rights-based approach to volunteering;
  • Future work on New Media;
  • Resolution Investing in Youth: Five Clear Demands in the Crisis;
  • European Youth Forum Position Paper on Youth Entrepreneurship.

OBESSU took part in Policy Commission on Investing in Youth: Five clear demands in the Crisis, emphasising the role and importance of Education in creating a more stable and sustainable economic environment for future generations.

Moreover, Council of Members discussed the Member organisations' view on the European Youth Forum Startegic Priorities 2013–2018 where OBESSU stressed that education is a fundamental part in young people’s life and should be free and of high quality for everyone. OBESSU, strongly supports and stands for school students in Europe, and believes that main challenge that Europe and the whole world is facing and will be facing even more in the next period is the practice of education as a basic human right. This is something everyone should fight for because education means positive development and better chances for everyone. For usit is very important that a platform as the Youth Forum, representing millions of young people in Europe, devotes enough energies and capacities to formal education, since this is a priviledge place to reach also non-organised youth. Quality of education and youth participation in the decision-making processes should be of foremost importance.

A resolution for the future of the Youth in Action programme has been adopted and OBESSU proposed to introduce volunteer time contribution as elegible in-kind contribution to the next programme.

And as a final note, Council of Members held its elecetions for the members of the Adviosry Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, where OBESSU Board member, Ivica Alpeza was elected to represent OBESSU within the Council.

OBESSU wishes to congratulate to all newly elected members of the Adviosry Council and is lookng forward to joint work on the youth related matters in the next two years!