On the 2nd of June the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) held its General Assembly (GA) in Tallinn, Estonia. On this occasion the delegates discussed the priorities, objectives and views of the platform and, among other things, elected three new Steering Committee members. We are very happy to welcome the election of the new Steering Committee member nominated by OBESSU: former Board Member, and current Pool of Trainers member, Giuseppina Tucci.

We asked her to answer to some questions and present her new adventure!

Why did you run for the Steering Committee?
It was a sunny day in the Roman spring, when I received a phone call from OBESSU. The call for the LLLP Steering Committee members was out, and the Board was looking for motivated candidates for the position. Since I left OBESSU, I never thought I was done with school student activism. I always thought there was still a lot to do. The Lifelong Learning Platform was, and is, in my mind the right place to discuss and bring together all the different topics, issues and perspectives for the creation of a holistic approach to the social dimension on education. I run because I think education is the most powerful tool we have nowadays, to create new opportunities for a sustainable future and because I think it’s always fundamental to give a voice to the too-young-to-be-listened-to students. I wanted to contribute with my passion and commitment to a bigger project, where I would be able to fully represent a point of view, but always remaining part of a complex and beautiful puzzle: the lifelong learning.

What are your main priorities for this mandate?
I summed up my main priorities in three pillars:

1. Young learners’ perspective
My top priority is to be able to bring forward the concept of education as a human right. I also want to do my best to give voice to all young learners, who are a big component of the education panorama and should be taken into serious consideration.

2. Attention to all (in) education!
This priority embraces two aspects together, which are also very closely linked: the attention and care for all people in education and the attention to all kinds of educations. With this, I want to focus a lot on social inclusion policies in formal education, but I also want to contribute with my competences of non-formal education. In order to foster a holistic approach, I aim to blend formal, non-formal and informal education, including also forms on digital gaming, e-learning and blended learning. This can be only done if we advocate for hate-free schools, global education, education for democratic citizenship and citizenship education, in particular in the times of the Post Paris declaration.

3. Advocacy and communication
When it comes to advocacy my main priorities are working on democratic communication within the organisation, to make sure there is always an approach that comes from the members: the so called bottom-up approach. I have experience in advocacy, as much as I do in experiencing new creative ways of campaigning, which is what I think is needed to break the ceiling and reach out more. One example of an advocacy action I would bring forward, it is to shift from the skills debate and being able to advocate for a competence-based education. It would mean taking steps forward in the harmonisation of qualification frameworks at all level, rather than just focusing on consumable and fast-changing skills.

OBESSU is extremely happy and honoured to have been given the opportunity to have, for a second time, a representative in the Steering Committee. Thanks a lot to all the LLLP members who supported Giuseppina and voted for her!

Special thanks goes to Daniele Di Mitri, who represented the interests of school students in the Steering Committee over the past three years. He represented OBESSU and all our members, bringing the voice of European school students at the heart of the debates on EU level. Thanks a lot and good luck with all your future challenges!

Do you want to know more about the LLLP Steering Committee? Do you have any question or suggestion for Giuseppina? Contact her at giuseppina@obessu.org.