For the third year in a row OBESSU attended the 19th edition of the University on Youth and Development, in Mollina, Spain. This year, the University focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: The role of Young People in promoting peaceful and inclusive societies. Our activity was in the frame of a Policy Seminar called: ‘’Young Advocates for the Educational Inclusion of Refugee and Migrant Students’’.

Approximately 200 people attended the UYD and 20 of those attended our event! Our seminar brought together School Student activists, from our membership, representing high school student unions; ESU (European Student Union) representatives from university organisations; VYRE (Voices of Young Refugees Europe); Young Republic and Amalied. Together we identified different aspects related to students with different background in second-level and third-level education.

The seminar, enriched by different perspectives and in the context of the CEULAJ (Euro-Latin American Youth Center) in Mollina, provided valuable inputs for our Policy Paper that will be built upon these different inputs and perspectives. Bringing together different stakeholders, we got a broader analysis on how we as students, as an organisation and as a world can be more inclusive when it comes to people with different backgrounds.

Our activity wasn’t the only one at the UYD this year, 10 other activities ran in parallel to ours. We got a glimpse at the other activities during joint sessions, where participants from all the activities came together and did various things related to the main topic of the UYD.

We want to thank the participants that contributed to our policy and advocacy work and special thanks go out to our prep-team members Giuseppe, Francesca, María, Yasmin and Amy for all their hard work and dedication throughout this whole process.