After a short Easter break, OBESSU’s Secretariat is getting back to work and welcomes four new colleagues.

Already from February on, you might have heard about a new colleague around OBESSU’s Secretariat. From April, Judit is joining the team as Project and Policy Officer on a full-time basis.

Judit has been working with and volunteering for youth organisations for the past 6 years, from local communities to national structures all the way to the European level and to international organisations. Coming from Hungary, she was taking part in the international representation of the National Youth Council and worked as the coordinator of the Structured Dialogue process in the country for the past year. She's also a great enthusiast of all forms of learning and has experience as a freelance trainer. Education and policy is the true combination of her passions.

Judit will be taking over Riccardo's work from after June but she is already in the office to get into the business the smoothest way possible!

Besides her work and activism, Judit loves to be surrounded by animals and to watch multiple series and movies - the perfect balance for an otherwise busy life. 

If you have any question, please feel free to contact her via email at

Milos is our new Programme Coordinator. He is a psychologist with MA degree in human rights and democracy in South East Europe. During the last 2 years he was a migrant in 4 different countries. First he lived in Spain where he was doing European Voluntary Service project. Then he moved to Bosnia for studying, Montenegro where he did an internship within an organisation working with children with intellectual disabilities and finally to Italy which was the last station of his master programme journey.

Besides that, Milos was working as freelance trainer and coordinator of different projects mostly dealing with discrimination and exclusion of different social groups. Few years ago he was an active (board) member of UNSS and he has also been involved in the work of OBESSU so the possibility to work again with school students makes him very happy. 

Milos will be in charge of "Seeds for Integration programme" within which OBESSU gives grants to school students and grass-roots groups of young people in order to implement projects dealing with educational inclusion of school students with refugee and migrant background. In addition, Milos will be closely working with the Working Group on Mental Health.

In his free time Milos likes to cook and travel. So far his favourite place on Earth is La Alhambra (Granada) but he has great desire to visit Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact him via email at

Samira is our new Communication and Membership Officer. She is from Belgium. She studied Political Communication and Lobbying in Brussels. She previously worked for a consulting firm and for the European Association for the Defence of Human Rights.

From now on, she will manage OBESSU’s communication channels, she will be in charge of design future communication materials and will assist the Secretariat in the implementation of several projects. As Membership Officer she is willing to strengthen the relation between OBESSU and its Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations.

In her free time Samira likes to travel, eat (but not cooking) and practice yoga.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact her via email at

Vincent is our new Project Assistant. He is from Germany and as a part of the “all abroad” program at his school he spends the next 3 months in Brussels and participates in an internship at OBESSU. As the head of Student Council at his school, he is already very familiar with school student participation and involvement, but eager to learn new things and to expand his horizon.

He is a member and a founder of the “Queer it UP AG”, a Student Union for LGBTQ+ topics and problems at his school. Due to the special education program at his school, Vincent grew up with the belief that for a good result everyone must be involved.

He loves to bake and eat cake, his favorite dog is the pug and his favorite color is rainbow (also he’s colorblind).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact him via email at

Welcome to OBESSUland! We hope that the new team finds their time with us a great adventure and they can work with and for school students in the best way possible!