On 1st and 2nd of June, around 10.000 young people from all over Europe gathered in Strasbourg for the biggest youth event of the year, the European Youth Event (EYE), hosted by the European Parliament and the Yo!Fest, the youth festival organised by the European Youth Forum (YFJ). The programmes of this year gave young people the opportunity to raise up their voices and take action on topics that affect their lives.

Through panel discussions with high level speakers, interactive workshops, and exhibitions, participants had the chance to interact with peers, youth organisations’ representatives, policy makers and relevant stakeholders on a wide range of fundamental areas for (re)shaping the future of Europe.

OBESSU hosted a high level panel discussion, in the European Parliament, on mental health. Our panel was composed by

  • Laura Marchetti, Policy Officer at Mental Health Europe;

  • Pia Micallef, Political Advisor to MEP Miriam Dalli;

  • Olivia Klein, Member of OBESSU Working Group on Mental Health;

  • Nicholas Morgan, Director of Euro Youth Mental Health CIC;

  • Marian Sedlak, Liaisons Officer for Human Rights and Peace 2016-2018,  International Federation of Medical Students’ Association,

This rich panel was facilitated by Larissa Nenning, OBESSU Board member.

Panelists reminded us the importance of raising awareness on this sensitive topic. Participants had the opportunity to share their own experiences with panelists as well as thoughts and ideas to improve the current situation.

Yo!Fest took place on the site around the European Parliament building. This year the festival was structured in five thematic hubs run by different groups of partner’s organisations: Keeping up with the digital revolution, Calling for a fair share, Working out for a stronger Europe, Staying alive in turbulent times and Protecting our planet.

OBESSU workshops took place in the so called ‘digital hub’ for which we were partners. Our Working Group on Vocation Education and Training (VET) prepared for the occasion a big-size board game to raise awareness among participants on the difficulties that young people face to get a VET degree. Our working group on mental health created six different role play scenarios to discuss how digitalisation affects young people’s mental health. Both workshops were a success and met the objective of creating a meaningful, yet non-formal, space for discussions on the effects of digitalisation.

We hope the great ideas brought up during this 2 days event will shape policies in the upcoming years.

We would like to thank organisers for their hard work and commitment, our VET and mental health working groups for the time they invested, our participants for their good spirit and OBESSU Board and Secretariat for its supervision.